A little bit about us

We’re a friendly bunch on a mission to make storage easy for you, whether you’re decluttering your home, need business storage or just want to store your beloved vinyl.

About Caboodle
Storage for your belongings

Love your belongings

We wanted someone we could trust to look after our belongings.

Be it a box of our favourite children's clothes, a hobby that has a lot of equipment or we simply want to reorganise our homes to feel more spacious, we have items we don't often use but still love.

A safe place to store

Caboodle is our solution. With some very clever tracking technology, sturdy boxes, water-resistant packaging and super secure storage centres we now have a safe place to protect our belongings and yours.

We love being organised at Caboodle and also offer free photo-cataloguing of exactly what's in each box, all managed easily online.

Caboodle is safe

Meet the team