September 24, 2019

The big back-to-school declutter plan

Children’s belongings gradually take over the house, but with the new school term in full swing, there’s no better time to tackle it.

The big back-to-school declutter plan

Caboodle’s recent survey showed that more than half of people are worried about throwing away something they had an emotional attachment to – and anything to do with children is particularly hard to part with.

But as calm descends on your home, you can get started on the big autumn declutter using Caboodle’s Keep, Save, Throw method.


Memories are precious but we often store them away in the loft or a corner somewhere and don’t actually enjoy them. You can find innovative ways to display special things like children’s artwork around the house. Take them shopping for a picture frame where you can put their favourite creation (and update throughout the year). One handy tip to help you keep on top of all the work that you want to save is collecting the best ones and organising them in an A3 display book – you can have one for each year to store the best artwork plus their certificates and other keepsakes.


Decluttering kids’ belongings stirs up strong emotions and of course there’ll be things you want to save. Store a box of your sentimental objects at home and if there are more things than you have space to store at home then set aside some handy Caboodle storage boxes to pack and we’ll take care of the rest. You may also want to store items for your growing family but don’t need them to hand right now.

It’s easy to forget what you’ve got, which is where Caboodle’s handy photo cataloguing system comes in. It allows you to photograph your belongings and keep track of where they are on your account page, so they don’t just go into the jumble of a storage unit never to be seen again. That way, you’ll know what’s in every box and if you need something back, just book a return. You’ll love the new space in your home while knowing the things you still care about are safely stored in our state-of-the-art storage centres.


Throw away broken toys - they waste prime space in your home and cause frustration. Donate toys and books the children no longer use. That mountain of old artwork that is unfinished on undecipherable…Take photos of any pieces you want to remember and then (breathe) it’s ok to visit the recycle bin. Just don’t do it in front of the children!

Books that don’t get read anymore. You may have fond memories of a bedtime story you read every night, but children grow out of books quickly. Donate them to a children’s centre, charity or library to make room for new ones and encourage fresh reading.

Ready to declutter the Caboodle way? Book your boxes now and we’ll deliver them to your door on a date to suit you. Start storing today by clicking here.

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