October 20, 2020

Is your online business outgrowing your space?

When storage is limited and product sales are booming, more space becomes your number one priority.

Is your online business outgrowing your space?

Running an online business can be hugely rewarding with relatively few overheads compared with a bricks and mortar business. But if your main offering is product-based then you’ll know only too well that customers expect speedy delivery, high quality and high convenience as standard.

Your storage space is most likely limited and if you prefer to keep your stock close by to reduce delivery times, then that’s often a great choice. There comes a time though, when stock takes over your storage space (whether it’s your home, an office or a handy garage).

As your business grows, your storage needs grow and many self-storage companies offer attractive upfront deals to ease the pressure for businesses. These low prices are often short-lived and monthly storage costs inevitably increase. The thought of moving your business stock to cheaper premises means lost time, more transport costs and too much effort in the middle of trying to manage a growing business. So, your stock stays there and you make multiple trips to collect products for customer orders or to predict stock levels month by month.

Sound familiar? Well there’s a better way that gives you the best of both worlds – more space and more time. A new way that turns the storage cycle on its head and benefits you, the storage customer. Caboodle Storage is designed to improve the storage experience by saving you money, time and effort. Here are some typical issues that customers using traditional self-storage methods face and how Caboodle Storage addresses them.

Transport to a self-storage unit costs time and money.

Renting a storage unit means needing to physically go there, unload your stock, catalogue it and then go back every time you need another box. Caboodle Storage collects and returns your stock for you. 

Monthly costs are tricky to justify if your self-storage unit is often half full.

As your stock comes and goes, you’ll find your storage unit isn’t working efficiently for you but your monthly costs don’t go down. Getting the right size unit to fit current stock levels is a job in itself. Caboodle Storage is a by-the-box service so you only pay for what you use. Perfect for fluctuating stock levels that need flexibility.

Keeping track of your stock can be a challenge in self-storage.

The relief of freeing up work space by storing your stock off-site is great, but where’s the box with the colour and style that your new customers have just ordered? You collected a few boxes yesterday thinking they had enough stock of all options to keep you going. Alas, no, the boxes are labelled wrong or the one you actually need is back at the unit #logisticsfail. Caboodle Storage provides free online photo cataloguing that ensures you always know where everything is.

You are based out of town and far from a self-storage centre.

Most self-storage companies are location-based and positioned near cities. However, Caboodle Storage collects and delivers nationwide, so as long as you are in mainland UK we can reach you! We also provide an express service for last minute requests.

Your stock is high quality, high value or fragile.

Some cheaper storage options might not protect your stock very well and may use inadequate packaging or security systems. Caboodle Storage understands how precious your belongings are and protects them every step of the way with our personal courier service and tracking technology. We provide free, sturdy boxes and large bags for you to pack (which are water-resistant and reusable). Plus, our storage centres are well-protected with security systems in place.

If you would like to discuss options that suit your business, get in touch with Caboodle. We will happily help take a load off your mind, protect your stock and save you space. All business clients are eligible for our volume deals and long term storage discounts. Call us on 0203 976 7900 or go online for a quote: https://www.caboodle.storage/for-business


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