September 24, 2019

Decluttering: Say hello to The Caboodle Storage Method

Want to create a calm house but don’t know where to start? Make Keep, Save, Throw your mantra…

Decluttering: Say hello to The Caboodle Storage Method

If you’ve tried to KonMari, but are confused about what sparks joy, try a new approach to decluttering. The Caboodle Method is all about how items bring a benefit to your life and when. Fifty percent of people we surveyed were worried they’d regret throwing something away by mistake and that gave them a reason to put off a big declutter. So try this new method, with an emphasis on sustainability and keeping the things you love stored safely for the time when you need them.

Here are the three key steps:

KEEP items that you NEED and USE now. Do you have an emotional attachment to them, do they inspire you or do they bring a benefit to your life right now? If so, they’re the keepers.

SAVE items that you cherish, inspire you and bring a benefit to your life but you don’t need at the moment. Caboodle them, so you know they’re safely stored away, but not cluttering up your home. Let us take care of them and you’ll never feel that pang of regret when you realise you’ve already thrown away an item you’ve been searching for.

This could include your winter or summer wardrobe, holiday items such as camping equipment you only use once a year or children’s toys and clothes you’re keeping for your growing family. Everything can be photographed and uploaded to your account page with our handy photo-cataloguing system so you’ll always know where everything is.

THROW away (or donate) items that you haven’t used or even thought about for six months. These are the things you have no emotional attachment to and won’t miss when they’re gone.

Ready to start? Here are the Top 5 Tips for Decluttering, from one of our experts, Cluttercation’s Leone Ashby:

1. Start decluttering one room at a time, starting in one corner so to not overwhelm you, take items and sort them into the three categories: Keep, Save and Throw. Always leave the room and take a short break before you make your final decision.

2. Use big crates or bin bags to sort items into piles - it makes the clean up so much easier. Order Caboodle’s sturdy 80-litre boxes and they’ll be delivered to your door, and collected once you’ve packed them.

3. Have cleaning products to hand as you declutter so you can clean as you go.

4. Never feel regret. If you can’t bear to part with treasured possessions, but can’t use them at the moment then ‘Save’ them.

5. Always check with other members of your family on the key items you’re throwing out to make sure everyone is happy and no one else wants the items.

Decluttering by numbers

A recent Caboodle survey of more than 2,000 adults saw over two thirds of Britons admitting that clutter makes them stressed – and that women feel that “emotional clutter” more than men. Most people wish they had more space and that they would spend less time tidying their homes if they’d had a declutter. But half of people worry that they’ll regret throwing something away, which is why the Keep, Save Throw idea is a safe bet. Keep what you need every day, save what you love and throw (or donate) what you no longer need. Reclaiming your space at home is easier than ever – now with no regrets.

Caboodle is the smart way to store the things you want to save, with storage by the box, collected and delivered to your door. It starts at just £1.40 a week. Start storing now by clicking here

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