December 23, 2020

How do you choose the right storage?

Searching about storage for hours isn’t everyone’s favourite pastime but when you need to find a safe place to store your belongings, it becomes an important task.

How do you choose the right storage?

The storage industry is a minefield to say the least, which is why Caboodle Storage’s mission is to make life simple for customers by taking the hassle out of storing your belongings. We don’t believe in making you bring all your things to us – this would mean you need to arrange transport, pack the vehicle, drive to a storage unit, check in, buy a big padlock, buy insurance, move your things into the unit, lock it up and come back every time you need something. Zero fun.

We know storage inside-out and often hear of the frustrations that customers have previously had with managing a self-storage unit. When they find Caboodle, they tend to stay!

Hassle-free storage, nationwide.

We drop off quality, water-resistant boxes and suitcase bags for free, then come back to collect your packed belongings on a date that suits you. What’s more, we return any box to your door as and when you need it. Our storage facilities are extra secure and we offer a nationwide service. When you consider everything else on top of that ‘cheap’ monthly storage price you find online, our service is good value and we go above and beyond to take care of your belongings.

·       No trekking to a storage unit

·       No need to buy boxes

·       No need to arrange transportation

·       No travel costs

·       No need to buy insurance

·       No need to buy a padlock

How does our service compare?

We’ve compared Caboodle Storage’s service to some well-known traditional self-storage companies, as well as to other by-the-box companies to help you decide what’s right for you. Also, you’ll find some handy tips at the end.



Tip 1: Check the small print for self-storage units

There’s usually a catch with cheap prices. Either it’s just an introductory offer before the prices shoot up or it’s like a well-known airline where everything is an add-on and by the time you’ve realised it would have been better to go elsewhere, you’re locked in. 

The thing about storage is that you want to assume you won’t need it for very long and can justify the costs...but then, time goes by and boom, those introductory self-storage offers stop and you’re paying double each month. We tend to keep our belongings in storage for longer than we first thought and the whole process starts to weigh on our mind, wallet and on our free time.

Tip 2: Some by-the-box companies charge for collection

When comparing by-the-box companies, there are a few things to bear in mind. Some will charge a fee to collect your belongings and apply a surcharge if they stay more than a certain amount of time (Caboodle collection charge is £0). Others will charge a variable cost to return your things – hard to budget for, especially if they apply a surcharge for weekend returns or ‘difficult-to-reach’ locations (Caboodle charges a flat rate per box). Some don’t provide free boxes and these costs will add up! (Caboodle provides free use of quality boxes and bags).

 Tip 2: Do your research before booking a self-storage unit

Check the monthly costs after the end of any introductory offer to ensure you can afford it. Factor in how you are going to make multiple trips to and from the unit – do you have your own car? Van hire can be costly. Fuel costs are also an added consideration and of course, the extra time needed to manage your belongings from a storage unit. On arrival, you may not have realised you need insurance and will be stuck with an on-the-spot decision to take the package they offer, which may not be competitive (Caboodle includes free insurance as standard). Plus a £14 padlock to secure your unit (We use our own locks to secure your belongings, fear not!)

 Tip 3: Look out for good deals on longer term storage

If you may need storage for more than 6 months you can find some good offers that benefit you the longer you store. The longer you store, the bigger the discount.

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Services correct as of 11th November 2020. 

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