April 23, 2020

How to feel better during challenging times

Getting on top of clutter in your home will make you feel better during these difficult times

How to feel better during challenging times

My Covid-19 clutter hacks by Julieanne Steel, member of APDO the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers.

Clutter attracts dust. The less dust on floor and surfaces the better your health will be during this pandemic. Dust affects our breathing.

Get focused on your To Do list. Why have a To do list? It clears your head of all the things to do. It’s empowering. It’s reassuring - that you didn’t forget to do things that are important to you. It needs to be dated and it will help keep track of how you are spending your time during the lockdown. Use an A5 notebook. Use the front for things to complete during a day/week and the back for a shopping list and wellbeing goals. 

Make space at home during this challenging time. Where to start? Room by Room, starting with the room most used, or the room which can be freed up with the most storage space.

Take control of the TV, turn it off during the day, it’s information overload and a distraction from clearing your home and completing the things you want to do.

A clear surface rule is the biggest stress hack when lots of members of the family are sharing a space. With older teens home from Uni, and children being home schooled, it is crucial to have areas of clear surface;

Desks need to be ready to work at each day, so empty of papers cleared from the day before. Wall pockets are a great way to keep papers off the desk and collated. Pen pots and desk tidies are essential for a tidy desk during Zoom calls and have charging leads easy to access.

The kitchen table needs to be clear ready for home-schooling activities and craft times. Avoid using these surface areas as a dumping ground. I recommend a wall hanging board to keep paintings off the surfaces. Younger ones love this as their work is on display like it is in the classroom and can double up as a notice board. I also recommend investing in a shredder at this time and a storage box kept under the table to place items at the end of each day in one place ready to resume the next morning.

Keep hallways empty. The easiest clutter hack is to have hooks as they’re an incredibly quick way to get things off of the floor - not just in the hallway, but the bathroom, playrooms, laundry room (think skipping ropes, exercise bands, dog leads all of these are in more use at the moment at home). They are inexpensive and with little DIY required.

Keep a donating box near to the door that everyone knows is there for items ready for the charity shop run.

DIY- make the most of everyone being at home. Involve the children in organising all the cables in the home, matching devices or not, to the leads. DIY stations/drawers need to be categorised.  Drawer dividers (lids of old boxes) are handy to keep small items like batteries from escaping.

This is an ideal time to create keepsake boxes. Each member of the house can take it in turns to sift through their memories to hold onto ready for storing in a safe place.

Freezer hack. Now more than ever people are cooking to feed more family members at one time. Making extra meals is time efficient. Clearing out the freezer, reducing cardboard boxes and reorganising it so that food at the front is eaten first and then in rotation.

Keep on top of recycling. With online purchases being the only way to receive many items during lockdown, make sure that packaging is removed daily and bins are kept in check.

Clear out the car boot, this is a hack for looking forward when you need to visit the dump and can also be used for extra storage.

Bathroom; with so many at home, keep products to a minimum. 2-in-1 products are the best way to do this and saves space and money. Pack away all the excess products in a tub and store.

Bedroom; relax zone. Designate one room in the house, for zero tech. It’s the space for enjoying time away from everyone else. Download the Insightful App to create some mindfulness peace.

Kids Hack; during this time of uncertainty children pick up on tension, they may hear parents talking about job losses, cancelled holidays etc. Creating a “shipwreck” corner in their room (things they would save), helps them to separate their beloved toys/pictures/books and keep them safe. This can also be a great hack to revert to when they have bedroom clear-out and decide what to keep and what to donate to charity or stored for later use. Do they really need all those Barbies?

Julieanne helps our customers declutter their homes and can be contacted at www.unclutteryourlife.co.uk

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