August 17, 2020

Making the most of challenging times:

How to reunite homeworkers with office belongings and avoid the office rent trap.

Making the most of challenging times:

This month we’ve seen an increase in requests for office packing, storage and onward delivery as employees continue to work from home.

Our business customers are re-considering office costs and opting not to renew their leases for the time being. A sensible choice if your lease is ending soon, that can save rent and help keep a business going in such uncertain times.

Some companies need to store important office items like files and excess stock to help ‘downsize’ their office space during this period. Others are actively avoiding the excessive costs of renting more space in prime locations and see the benefit of flexible storage that’s collected and delivered door-to-door.

The ongoing avoidance of commuting is making businesses re-think office access for homeworkers. People are happy to work from home but also need access to various project files, stock and of course, their workstation belongings. So, Caboodle Storage is reuniting office items with homeworkers across the country and collecting again when things are no longer needed close to hand.

Think inside the box

Just think of us as your virtual cupboard (or office!) and we can flex our space, wheels and storage duration to suit you. Our customers particularly like the online account system to manage everything online like booking more storage, collections, returns and cataloguing items - all at the click of a button.

So, if your working world is shifting and you need solutions to manage your space, then Caboodle can help.

We can’t negotiate a shorter lease term but we certainly can take a load of your mind by packing, storing and delivering belongings whenever and wherever you need.

But where do you start?

Unlike some larger storage companies we don’t have huge overheads and lengthy processes and can even arrange everything within 24 hours to get your office packed and on the way to storage or delivered to new addresses.

Things to think about when planning your office clear-out or business storage…

1)     Prioritise your space - decide what needs to go immediately and what can stay for now. Don’t forget to clear out any ‘junk’ first so you can better manage the things you need rather than a lot of unnecessary things. If you can’t reuse them then recycle or donate.

2)     Consider the workstations. All the workstation belongings and other items need to be catalogued, packed and then stored off-site (or delivered to workers at home). Caboodle will bring enough boxes and bags to clear each station or pack just the things needed.

3)     Get organised. It’s tempting to throw everything into a box and hope for the best but you’ll regret it when you can’t remember where anything is. We can also photograph and catalogue for you to keep your virtual office all organised with us and know exactly where everything is. Need just one particular box back that has a crucial file in it? No problem, it’s named and logged on our system and you can request a return of it.

4)     Think about the communal storage. What needs to be stored? Is anything precious or delicate like that lovely crystal award sitting on the shelf? Just let us know and we’ll take extra care.

5)     Bigger belongings. Do people need a whiteboard or a proper office chair at home? If you have anything oversized (that weighs max 25kg and can be lifted by one person) then we can also take those.

6)     Choose wisely. Why pick Caboodle? We are fast, easy and flexible. We go into your office to collect packed items or carefully pack for you. We organise and catalogue each item - you do not need to lift a finger. Everything is taken to our secure storage centre for as long as you need and you can recall any box, any time.

7)     What if you need something back quickly? Whatever you need we can locate it and return that box (or bag) quickly. Everything is set up online and you can manage more storage or delivery requests with the click of a button, or call us for help.

We are fast, easy and helpful so just give us a call on 0203 976 7900 or visit for more information.

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