September 23, 2020

10 ways to reuse your Caboodle storage bags

At the end of your store with Caboodle, we return your belongings to your door and you get to keep two types of storage bags

10 ways to reuse your Caboodle storage bags

These bags were used to protect your things and you can keep them for future use. A gift to say a big thanks for staying with us!

They are easily reusable and ready to be put to good use. Here are a few ways we like to use them in our homes and want to pass on our tips to you.

We have two types: The Caboodle storage carrier fits neatly into our black tote boxes and the large storage bag that slips over suitcases or other larger items to protect them. They have so many uses and are really easy to fold flat and pop behind a cupboard when you don’t need them.

1.      In your garden: Store garden toys and tools in our sturdy carriers. Fold over and seal the top to keep things water tight too so you can store them outside all year round.

2.      In your car: Pop a Caboodle storage carrier in the boot of your car to keep all those rattling anti-free bottles and shopping bags in one place.

3.      For your bedding: Pack away your spare duvets and pillows neatly into either or storage carriers or bags.

4.      Charity shop trips: Fill your storage carrier with clothes for the charity shop and use their handy handles to help move things around.

5.      Laundry order: Sort your washing and keep that ironing pile at bay with our large carrier that’s easy to pick up and move around thanks to those sturdy handles.

6.      Heavy hauling: Our storage carriers are so strong that they can hold up to 25kgs of weight - handy when you need to store and transport heavier things like DIY tools or books.

7.      Loft storage: Save up your bags and carriers and use them to store things around the house or loft – like a black plastic sack – only ours are so much stronger... and free!

8.      Composting: Carriers are perfect for composting and holding garden waste. Plus they keep your shed nice and organised.

9.      For beach trips: Ever regretted carrying all that beach paraphernalia in so many different bags? Our storage carrier is large and has strong handles to keep everything together. Happy kids, happy you!

10.  For your friends: Lend your storage bags to family and friends who are having a clear-out or organising their belongings. Oh, and if some people are borrowing your space to store their things, you might want to send them our way. We’ll take a load off their minds – and yours!

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