September 22, 2020

Thinking of selling your home? 5 things to store before the first viewing.

Your home will sell faster and for a better price if it looks good.

Thinking of selling your home? 5 things to store before the first viewing.

So how do you make your home look good without breaking the bank? By making it look bigger, brighter and easy for viewers to imagine living there by having fewer belongings in view. Just hide the things you don’t need around you every day by putting them in storage while your home is on the market and voila’… more space, less clutter and hopefully a better selling price overnight.

When you put your home on the market you need to consider how a potential buyer will see your home compared to others. Savvy sellers know that first impressions count - especially when viewing homes. There’s a reason why people put fresh flowers on the table, brew coffee or even bake bread before viewings. It’s a cliché but it works. Think about the little things you can do to create an appealing home from the moment your prospective buyers arrive outside.

‘Show-homing’ is no longer just for the new builds. Sellers are now clearing out clutter to create more space and sending items that they don’t need every day into storage. Such a simple idea is effective and cheap. And when choosing to store with the on-demand storage company, Caboodle, it couldn’t be easier. They send you boxes to pack; collect and then return everything to your door. No need to travel anywhere and everything is bookable at the click of a button.

1. Clothes, bed linen and towels

Chances are, you don’t use half of what you actually have in terms of clothes, bed linen and towels. Keep what you need for the next few months and pack away the rest. Your cupboards will thank you for it and it will release precious storage space to pack away what you still need at home but don’t want in view. Top tip: Use an old suitcase to pack these things and send to storage.

2. Memorabilia

Pack away all the things that mean a lot to you but a lot less to viewers. Keepsakes take up a lot of space and can seem like clutter to someone who doesn’t know how special they are. Fragile belongings can be packed carefully with packing paper and bubble wrap, into Caboodle’s sturdy, water-proof boxes that come as standard to protect the things you care about.

3. Kitchen appliances and spare crockery

Viewers love seeing a bright and spacious kitchen and often consider it one of the most important rooms in a house. Help them to imagine their lives here by ensuring a tidy and clear work surface and keep cupboards organised to give a better impression of space. Don’t forget to dot the odd vase, candle and colourful picture around to welcome your guests. Pack and store unused appliances and extra crockery, bowls and chairs that take up too much space.

4. Spare furniture

If you’re hoarding old furniture in the hope that one day you’ll sell it on ebay then please put that thought on hold and store these things away. Too much furniture especially if it doesn’t match just makes a room feel crowded and will not help sell your home.

5. Garden equipment

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, then why not make it look amazing for viewings? Mow the lawn and clear out the unused items (junk?) stashed behind the shed. Clean the patio and add plenty of bright flowers in pots. It will do wonders and won’t cost much. Toys, bikes and garden tools can be easily stored and returned to your door when you need them back.

So with a few tricks up your selling sleeve you’ll be well on your way to securing a good price and moving into your new home. Good luck and get in touch with Caboodle if you would like to find out how we can help by calling 0203 976 7900. 

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