September 24, 2019

How Caboodle can help you prepare for house viewings

Decluttering, tidying and smart storage can give you an advantage when selling your house

How Caboodle can help you prepare for house viewings

Putting your house up for sale? Showrooming has always been a useful tool to help your house sell faster and earn you the best price possible. But with property prices slipping and houses taking an average of 62 days to sell*, Rightmove is predicting a period where buyers can take their pick of homes for sale. So it’s more important than ever to market your home as decluttered, calm and a perfect fit for their lifestyle.

As buyers start their viewings, they need to imagine what it’s like to live in the house. Here’s how to create the perfect environment for buyers to fall in love with your home…

Do minor repairs

Take your own pictures before a photographer comes in so you can see what your home will look like to visitors – and then get to work fixing its flaws.

A fresh coat of paint for walls and radiators is a good place to start – and now’s the time to make minor repairs such as filling holes and cracks, replace broken tiles and give any squeaky doors a spray of WD-40. It’s worth having a repair budget at this stage because buyers can use any snags to ask for a reduction on the price further down the line.

Clear and calm

Create an uncluttered space where rooms look bright, tidy and welcoming. Be ruthless. You might not spot clutter because you’re so used to living with it every day, so enlist a good friend to cast a fresh eye on the place.

If you have too many belongings that are “shrinking” the rooms, put them in storage before the estate agent sends a photographer round. Caboodle can help by storing items in sturdy, water-resistant storage boxes or supply handy storage bags to cover suitcases. You can keep everything organised and recall any box, any time as you’ll always know where everything is by using our photo-cataloguing system on your account page.

Clear out your cupboards

Buyers might take a peep in built-in cupboards and wardrobes. A batch of transparent storage containers might look good on an Instagram “shelfie”, but it’s much better to banish clutter from the house altogether and show buyers just how much prime space they’ll get. Take the items you’ll never use again to the charity shop or put them on ebay, keep the ones you need every day and then order Caboodle storage boxes for the rest. As you pack them, keep track of what’s in each box with the photo-cataloguing system.

Define each room

Make sure your box room says “cosy single room for a guest” rather than “place to dump everything”. Remove all the items you don’t need for the next few months and store them with Caboodle until you’re ready to re-home them or simply think of us as your new spare room and we’ll take care of the belongings you still love but don’t need every day. Caboodle will deliver your boxes, then once you’re packed we’ll take them away to our secure storage centres.

Now that your spare room is cleared out, make sure you put a bed in there to show at first glance that it’s another bedroom. Add soft lightbulbs for a cosy glow and don’t forget fresh bedding. It will work a treat!

Add a touch of nature

Plants create a relaxed and healthy atmosphere, so dot them around each room – you might be tempted to douse your house in air freshener, but a scented plant such as jasmine, lemon or gardenia creates a more natural fragrance. If you don’t have much space, hanging baskets are on trend.

Do a final walk-around. Approach your house as if you’re viewing it and check its condition. How’s the front garden looking? Does it have kerb appeal? What needs dusting and wiping? Are there any packing boxes or big bags on show? Any garden equipment and games that don’t need to be there? If there are, arrange for Caboodle to pick them up and store them for you. Your secret’s safe with us. Store today with Caboodle Storage by clicking here.


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