September 24, 2019

Student storage made easy with Caboodle

Taking a day off work or half the weekend to collect the student in your life, plus the contents of their room isn’t filling you with joy? We hear you.

Student storage made easy with Caboodle

If you’ve got kids away at university, you’ll know what a logistical nightmare the summer holidays can be. Got campus accommodation? Then you’ll need to clear their rooms out ready for the holidays. Landlords might keep their accommodation secured with a retainer, but that doesn’t always include storing all their things. So, it’s worth looking into storage well before the end of term. Here’s how Caboodle can help…

Cut your commute time.

Order our free Caboodle boxes and suitcase bags and we’ll send them straight to their accommodation. Once they’re packed, book a date and we’ll collect them for storage in our secure storage centres. We return them to any UK address – handy if they move accommodation each year. So there’s no need to find a storage unit and transport the belongings there and back – our service is easy, convenient and organised at the click of a button.

Free up your spare room

If you don’t want to say goodbye to your spare room for the summer, Caboodle is the way forward. We know you only need short term storage and everything is priced by the box and by the time you need in months. You will never have to pay for un-used space as is often the case in traditional self-storage units.

Let the students do the work

With Caboodle doing all the heavy lifting, all that’s left to do is pack. In just a few easy clicks we sort out student storage and save you time, hassle and money.

Relax and enjoy your reunion

We love storage and you can relax knowing that everything’s safe in our state-of-the-art storage centres. There’ll be no mad scramble to find things thanks to our photo cataloguing system that tells you everything that’s in each box. When you need your things back, simply book a delivery date and we’ll send your boxes wherever you need, whether it’s the halls of residence, private accommodation or even a different place in the UK.

Start storing today!

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