October 07, 2020

For students who may need a helping hand at uni this year

Going to uni for the first time or returning is usually an exciting time, but 2020 is proving to be a challenge for most students.

For students who may need a helping hand at uni this year

We know you’ve got a lot going on and student storage is quite possibly the furthest thing from your mind right now. But as we get closer to the end of term you might just find yourself looking for somewhere to store your belongings for the holidays. It need not be a hassle and Caboodle Storage is designed to take a load off your mind and be very much hassle-free.

How can we help?

Covid 19 is causing havoc with plans up and down the country so if you need to dash off quickly and leave your things in your room – you can. We will go to your uni accommodation and pack up your room, or simply collect your packed belongings and whisk them safely to our secure storage centre until you need them back.

How does collection work?

We collect, store and return as standard. We are a by-the-box business so you only pay for what you use.

1.   Choose what you need on our website and book your storage plan.

2.   We then drop off your empty boxes and bags so you can start packing. When all is packed, just pick a date for us to collect and take to storage.

3.   When you need things back, book a return date and we’ll bring everything straight to your door. 

Bonus Student Services

Along with our usual collection service, we offer helpful options for students that make your university life even simpler.

Room packing: If you’re in a rush or just want a hand, you can leave your things in your room and we will come in and pack everything up for you in our sturdy boxes and suitcase bags. We take everything to our storage centre and return it when needed back.

Freshers: If you’re a fresher and don’t fancy filling up your car (or parent's or friend's car!) to the brim with pots, pans and duvets, let us help you. We will collect your things from home on day 1 and take them there for you ready to unpack and settle in.

Onward delivery: If you don’t need the storage part, no problem! We’ll send your belongings to another UK address or overseas. Just fill in our onward delivery form and we’ll get back to you.

So, as you can see, we are not a self-storage facility that you have to trek your things to, or a service with lots of costs and caveats behind a great deal. We are Caboodle and we exist to do a better job of taking care of your belongings. We’re about delivering great value, a brilliant service and a better way to store.

Visit our student page for a quote: https://www.caboodle.storage/baskets/new?ns=internationalstudents#

Need to chat? Call 0203 976 7900 or request a call back here.

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