November 24, 2020

Eight not-so-great things about self-storage (and why the alternative way to store is so much easier).

If you thought you were onto a good deal with self-storage costs only to find after a few weeks they shot up, then you’re not alone.

Eight not-so-great things about self-storage (and why the alternative way to store is so much easier).

Lots of customers are attracted to great introductory offers and don’t really think about the total cost once the promotion ends, or aren’t expecting to stay very long. Once the penny drops, it seems like such an upheaval to move your belongings to a cheaper option and go through the entire set up process again. You start to go round in circles and promise yourself you’ll make a decision next month. And so, the cycle continues.

Then there’s the travelling. You can find yourself spending so much time going back and forth from a storage unit and unpacking/packing the car that it becomes a great drain on your time and effort.

Eight common situations you may face with self-storage…

1)    You have to get your belongings there, often needing to make multiple trips.

2)    You have to buy your own boxes and packing materials on top of the actual storage cost.

3)    You may have to hire a van big enough to hold your things (plus fuel and any congestion charges).

4)    Depending on where you live, you may need to travel far to find your nearest storage unit.

5)    You will likely face a big increase in storage costs once the initial promotional period is over.

6)    You have to collect your things and bring them back (more van hire, miles to travel and hard work loading and unloading each time).

7)    You will notice that all the extra costs add up and wonder whether it was worth it. Self-storage costs don’t always include a level of free insurance and customers need to pay a deposit and buy a strong padlock.

8)    You will probably struggle to find anything you’ve packed unless you did a lot of labelling and practical stacking!

So, quite a few downsides to self-storage. But did you know there are other ways to store that won’t cost the earth, or suck up your time and energy?

Meet Caboodle.

Let us tell you why you won’t have a single one of the eight downsides to self-storage. We’ve turned each one into an upside!

1)    We collect your belongings from your door and take them to our storage centres for you.

2)    We send you boxes and bags to use for FREE.

3)    You don’t need to hire any vehicle. We do the transporting.

4)    We come to you, no matter where you live in the UK.

5)    We don’t run huge discounts upfront that will make you disappointed later on. We keep to fair pricing throughout.

6)    When you want something back, just book a return for that box online and we’ll be right with you.

7)    All our prices are transparent and include packaging, transportation, storage and insurance. The only additional thing you pay for is the return journey to your door.

8)    We give you free online cataloguing so you can upload photos of what’s in each box and name it so you can easily retrieve whatever you need.

On demand, by the box storage that comes to you. Collected. Protected. Returned. Get in touch for a free quote online or call 0203 976 7900.

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