Getting your boxes and carriers

As part of our convenient service, we provide boxes and carriers for you to pack your belongings into and we deliver them right to your door.

How big are the caboodle boxes?

The black crate-style boxes are the size of a big suitcase: 71cm x 46cm x 37cm with an internal capacity of 80 litres.

Our double-strength cardboard boxes are strong and measure 45.7cm x 45.7cm x 45.7cm with a capacity of over 90 litres.

The protective suitcase bags are approximately 120cm x 100cm. These are also used to cover the cardboard boxes.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to supply restrictions in the current circumstances, we may provide large cardboard boxes instead of the crate-style ones. However we aim to always give extra, waterproof protection by providing a large outer bag that can cover these cardboard boxes and be sealed shut.

What can I store?

If it wouldn’t get through airport security then please don’t put it in a box. We won’t take anything alive, illegal, highly flammable or likely to go off. So, no food products unless tinned.

Liquids such as wine or perfume are OK if they’re well sealed/packaged. Our carriers are water-resistant, but your other belongings inside aren’t.

Is there a weight limit for my box?

Yes, 25kgs. That’s an industry standard weight to avoid bad backs. We will be forced to charge an additional £50 for items that are over this weight limit. Worse still, the courier is likely to reject the initial collection if your box is over the weight limit!

If you are storing 2 boxes, do make sure that you even out the weight so that you are not penalised unduly.

What if my item is bigger than a box?

We pride ourselves on having the one of the largest standard size of storage boxes on the market, but we’re happy to store oversized items and suitcases too, just request our ‘Caboodle Bags’ on the quote screen. If you're not sure what you need please call us and we'll be happy to help. 

How many boxes can I order?

You can order as many boxes as you like, we suggest either a starter-pack of 4 or a round half-dozen to get you going.

Our research tells us that most people who use traditional storage units would use 7-12 boxes, but rent more space than they actually use, so at Caboodle we only charge you for what you store.

What happens if I have ordered too many boxes?

It’s fine. You can return a single unwanted box to us for free. Just close and lock the empty boxes and don’t activate the ID labels.

Over-order by two or more and we’ll have to charge you the cost of repatriating your empties. But if you’ve grown fond of your box and would like to keep it, you can buy it for £21.

What happens if I haven't ordered enough boxes?

Simply order some more boxes via your account page on our website. 

What materials will you send me?

We’ll send you empty boxes with carriers and any bags for oversized items eg suitcases, ID labels and a welcome pack with instructions, cable ties to secure your boxes and your return labels. 

Can I use my own box?

Our boxes are insured, strong and reusable, so we don't encourage you to use your own cardboard boxes. However, if you have already packed a big, strong box or suitcase then we can supply you with one of our massive ID-tracked Bags. They’re big enough to swallow a holiday suitcase, just keep the weight under 25kg.

Can the delivery be left in a safe space?

For the empty box delivery, yes! We can deliver to a neighbour, post room, concierge or workplace if you’d prefer. Just provide the details when you order. If you need to change your delivery details, give us a call on 020 3976 7900.

Our delivery guys will only collect from the ground floor at the front of the building (the normal access and egress point). If you have had boxes dropped to you, the pick-up point will be the same as the drop off point. Any failure in collections/drop-offs will be charged to you if you have failed to get your boxes to the correct collection point.

But when we’re returning your belongings, we can't leave your boxes if you’re not there to sign for them. Our drivers will open each box in front of you to give you the carrier which has your belongings inside so that we can take the empty boxes back in order to reuse them. The handy carriers are then yours to keep and reuse.

When can you deliver my boxes and carriers?

You can pick a delivery date from our website when you order your boxes. You will be given a one-hour window, which we will confirm on the day, so make sure you’re home. 

The cut-off time to book next-day deliveries is 11am the working day before (and yes, we can deliver on Saturdays. For Monday collections, please book before 11am the Friday before. If you need to change your slot, please let us know before the cut-off time.

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