Our service is designed to make storing easier for you. You don’t even need a car! We will collect your belongings from just about any address within mainland UK, though we do ask for it to be brought to the front door level (we can’t go up and down internal stairs, sorry). Here are some things you might want to know:

My boxes are packed. When can you collect them?

Pick an available date from our website (for weekend or Bank Holiday collections you will need to call us to confirm availability). There will be a one-hour collection window, which we will confirm on the day (usually by text before 9am). Collection can happen at any time during the notified window, so please make sure that you or someone you trust are home so that the handover runs as smoothly as possible. The cut-off time for next-day collections is 11am the working day before (for Monday collections, please book before 11am the Friday before).

Where can you collect my belongings from?

We can collect your boxes from pretty much any mainland UK address, whether it’s a home, business or student accommodation, although you will need to make sure that the collection van can access the location and that your boxes are very close to the collection entrance (THE NORMAL COURIER COLLECTION/DROP-OFF POINT) on the same level as the vehicle. Please triple check that there are no mistakes in your address (it happens) and that it’s written in full. Plus, any additional instructions are also very helpful. For example, if our delivery person needs to ring a buzzer, or if you have a reception, or if you have a scary looking dog that may want to eat us for lunch.

Can you collect today?

Yes, we most likely can. If you need your belongings picked up at very short notice please give us a call on 020 397 7900 and we will provide a separate quote to arrange a collection for you.

What if I live in a flat?

If you live in a flat you will need to make sure you’re ready to bring down your boxes as soon as the courier arrives. Our drivers will wait no longer than 10 minutes and won’t be able to carry your boxes up or down stairs.

What happens if I don’t order my collection on time?

We want you to store with Caboodle so don’t forget to start packing and book your collection slot within 28 days! We’ll send you plenty of emails and/or texts to remind you. 

If you don’t, we’ll assume you’ve changed your mind and no longer wish to store your belongings. You will still be charged for the original order and will also be charged a closing fee for the boxes, which you can then keep. 

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