Our Process

We collect your belongings, protect them in our storage centres and return them to your door when you need them. Below is a step by step guide to how this process works.


Order as many of our super-strong boxes from our website as you need. Each box will come with a water-resistant bag inside (that we like to call a carrier). This has a unique ID label with a clever radio frequency identifier (RFID) created especially for you to track your belongings.

As part of the ordering process we will ask you to choose a delivery date for us to drop off your empty Caboodle boxes. On the day we will let you know the hour slot in which to expect your delivery.


Your boxes will be delivered to your door by one of our friendly drivers who will leave them for you to fill up, catalogue your belongings and return to us within 28 days.

Don’t forget to book a collection date within 28 days of placing your order otherwise our system will automatically re-assign the original storage cost as payment for the boxes, which you can keep.

A Caboodle welcome pack will come with your order to help set you up. Inside your box, you will find instructions, our strong waterproof box liner, cable ties to lock up your box after packing and a return label to get it safely back to us.


When you’re ready to store your belongings...

Activate your Box (or Bag)

The quickest way is to use the QR code - the little square barcode - that you'll find on the white carrier inside each box (and on the outside of the Caboodle bags if you've ordered these too).

If you have an iPhone, click on your camera icon and make sure the camera is set to “Photo” and not “Video”. Now hover the camera over the QR code. Please note: you don’t need to take a photo to activate it, just point the camera at it and hold still.

Can’t do that? No problem. You can activate your box manually

Log into your account page at www.caboodle.storage, click ‘Activate box’ and type in the digits of your user ID code on the carrier’s sticker.

Pack your box

Fill the white carrier with up to the line (max 25kg).

Track what’s inside

With the QR code you can easily photo-catalogue your belongings. As the camera is open at this point, snap a pic of each item as you pack, or take a group photo! This will automatically save and associate the photos with that box and build your catalogue. Repeat the process for each box or bag as they have their own unique QR codes.

Secure your box

Fold down and seal your carrier, which stays in the Caboodle box for extra protection. Close the box lids and secure each side shut with the red cable ties you’ll find in your welcome pack.

Label it

Find the label in your welcome pack and stick it to the top of your box, ready for collection.

Book collection

Go to your account page, book a date when you’re home and we’ll come and collect your boxes. Easy!

Need a hand? Call Caboodle and we’ll be happy to help.

Peel off the sticky strip on your carrier and use it to seal it shut, then close the box.

When you are ready, lock the lids by using our cable ties through the holes at each end of the box so the lids can no longer open. Tada! Box packed. And when you'd like your festive jumper back in December, you’ll know exactly which box to request for return.


Log in to your account online and select a collection date that suits you.

A friendly driver will then collect your belongings and courier them safely to our state-of-the-art storage centres where they will rest safely and securely until you need them back.

More questions about collection? Click here.

Or for details on how to pack your items click here.


We are really proud of our storage centres. Designed especially for this purpose, they are kitted out with top notch security cameras to keep an eye on your belongings, smoke detection systems and powder sprinklers in case of fire.

Our boxes are very sturdy and the water-resistant carriers inside are also there to protect your belongings from damage. Double protection as standard. Phew!

Oh, and remember those ID labels with the QR codes that you activated on your carriers? They are so that our super RFID scanners can easily track your belongings in our storage centres. This also means that we won't ever have to open your carriers, unless we have reason to suspect that you’re storing something that you shouldn’t be.

More questions about protection? Click here.


We will look after your belongings for you for as long as you need.

Simply go to your account page and select the boxes that you’d like back, then request a delivery. The standard return cost is £8 per box. This is included on the quote page on our website and also available in your account page. You can earn free returns the longer you store. Call us to find out how you can get free returns with Caboodle.

Your boxes will be returned to you and the courier will use a special tool to snap open the cable ties and unlock your box for you to remove your carrier from the opened box.

The courier leaves with the empty boxes and you are left with no unwanted packaging but get to keep the Caboodle carrier for re-use with us or elsewhere in your busy life. Handy!

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