Packing your boxes

What should I do when I receive the boxes?

1 Find your Welcome Pack

Inside you’ll find instructions, cable ties and a handy returns label for collection. 

2 Activate your box

Scan the QR code (the little square barcode) on the carrier inside the box with your smartphone’s camera.

If you have an iPhone, click on your camera icon and make sure the camera is set to “Photo” and not “Video”. Now hover the camera over the QR code. Please note: you don’t need to take a photo to activate it, just point the camera at it and hold still.

3 Can’t do that? No problem. You can activate your box manually

Log into your account page at, click ‘Activate box’ and type in the digits of your user ID code on the carrier’s sticker.

3 Pack your box

Fill the white carrier with up to the line (max 25kg).

4 Track what’s inside

Take photos and upload them to your account page to catalogue what’s in the box. Super handy for when you can’t remember where your kettle is and need a proper cuppa!

4 Secure your box

Fold down and seal your carrier, which stays in the Caboodle box for extra protection. Close the box lids and secure each side shut with the red cable ties you’ll find in your welcome pack.

5 Label it

Find the label in your welcome pack and stick it to the top of your box, ready for collection.

6 Book collection

Go to your account page, book a date when you’re home and we’ll come and collect your boxes. Easy!

Need a hand? Call Caboodle and we’ll be happy to help.

Who can see my catalogued items?

Only you will have access to your catalogue. 

What happens if I forget to catalogue something?

You can add to your catalogue up to the point of locking up your box. After that it is not possible to amend your cataloguing details. Uncatalogued items cannot be claimed in the event of loss or damage.

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