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Caboodle offers a convenient and flexible business storage solution from £1.40 per week.

We’ll collect and return from anywhere in the UK and use our secure storage centres to keep your belongings safe. And we know you want to organise, catalogue and keep track of everything, so you can use our unique technology to do it online.

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Your belongings are safe in out warehouses
Caboodle collects your belongings at a convenient time


Book online and we’ll deliver our boxes and bags to your door ready for packing

Caboodle collects your belongings at a convenient time


We collect your belongings on a date of your choice, anywhere in the UK.

Your belongings are in safe hands


We take your belongings to our state-of-the-art storage centres for safe keeping

Caboodle returns your belongings at your doorstep.


Need something back? Just book a return date and we’ll be right back.

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Office Storage

A storage service to help you make the most of your office space

We offer document archiving as well as product storage for all your business needs. Whether you’re a small business that’s outgrown your space or a busy office in need of Caboodle’s online cataloguing service…we can collect, protect and return your belongings whenever you need us to.

Your belongings are safe with us thanks to our innovative tracking and storage centre security. We also don’t expect you to source your own boxes, we let you use our large, sturdy 80 litre Caboodle boxes and water-resistant carriers for free, for the duration of your storage with us.

Hotel Storage

A hotel concierge service for returning VIPs who want their belongings on hand

Our concierge service allows guests to store belongings locally and have them delivered ready for each visit and then returned afterwards. Guests no longer need to manage multiple bags on their travels and can relax knowing that their hotel can retrieve any item from storage, any time.

Many VIP or frequent travellers can now keep a wider personal wardrobe on hand and available to them when they need it. In addition, all belongings can be organised and catalogued online for easy search and retrieval. Guests can shop and store belongings for long durations or even ‘permanently’ in their virtual wardrobe. When desired, belongings can also be shipped home.

Hotels can have their guests’ catalogued items on demand awaiting them at the hotel, offering a service to help their guests enjoy a “home from home” feeling throughout their stay. The same can be offered to business clients on assignment needing personal belongings or business collateral on hand.

We also remove the hassle and risk for hotels by storing the suitcases or carriers in secure locations. The suitcases are covered in protective and non-transparent sacks, tagged and are tamper evident. Our water–resistant carriers are also anonymised and tagged with QR codes and RFID.

Property Storage

We help get properties moving with our exclusive showrooming service

Caboodle is on hand to help properties look their best. We work with developers, agents and property owners to achieve a more spacious, clutter-free interior. Our flexible by-the-box service safely stores items that don’t need to be on hand every day.

Caboodle will collect, protect and return your boxes while you concentrate on showing the best side of your properties to get them ready to sell or let.

Event Storage

We take the hassle out of event management

On the lead-up to events, we help keep things running smoothly for teams by collecting and storing event collateral and then delivering to site ready for set up. We return or replenish stock whenever needed, anywhere in the UK. Belongings are fully catalogued and tracked online so you know exactly what’s in each box.

Caboodle delivers whatever you need to wherever you have to be. Pronto.

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