Smart Hospital Storage

Looking for secure, hassle-free business storage?

Caboodle offers a convenient and flexible business storage solution from £1.40 per week.

We’ll collect and return from anywhere in the UK and use our secure storage centres to keep your belongings safe. And we know you want to organise, catalogue and keep track of everything, so you can use our unique technology to do it online.

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Smart storage. Delivered.

Your belongings are safe in out warehouses
Caboodle collects your belongings at a convenient time


Book online and we’ll deliver our boxes and bags to your door ready for packing

Caboodle collects your belongings at a convenient time


We collect your belongings on a date of your choice, anywhere in the UK.

Your belongings are in safe hands


We take your belongings to our state-of-the-art storage centres for safe keeping

Caboodle returns your belongings at your doorstep.


Need something back? Just book a return date and we’ll be right back.

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Hospital Storage

A storage service to help you protect your livelihood!

We are living in uncertain times and know the 'tools of your trade' are of utmost importance to your livelihood.

We can pick up all of your work equipment and take it into safe keeping in our secure centre until you need it back.

You can either pack yourself or confirm access for us to pack for you. Either way, you can photo-catalogue your belongings and we'll ensure they are in safe hands off-site, away from the commotions.

Your belongings are safe with us thanks to our innovative tracking and storage centre security. We also don’t expect you to source your own boxes, we let you use our large, sturdy 80 litre Caboodle boxes and water-resistant carriers for free, or if your items won't fill a box, we're sure they will fit into one of our packs and we will look after them for the duration of your storage with us.

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